Dunn is an artist and farmer living in Gibsons, BC, who shares stories of daily life on her farm through painting. She draws on personal impressions of motherhood, animal husbandry, degradation and repair, shared labour and hospitality, and isolation and solitude. Her paintings are suffused with people, animals, plants, rural architecture, machinery and tools, making space for the work of dreams, symbols and archetypes to filter her narrative impulses. Working with industrial, agricultural and domestic materials, she collaborates with the weather and elements to develop her canvases.  


INSTALLED: 12-01-2023

Inglis Park (MAP)

Photo Credit (excluding install images): John McMorran

Artist Janine Dunn Presents New Public Sculpture in the Town of Gibsons

[Gibsons, BC] — Artist Janine Dunn is unveiling an interactive outdoor public artwork, “The Landing Eye”, at ‘Five Corners’: the intersection of School Road, Gower Point Road, and Gibsons Way (on the corner known as Inglis Park). The sculpture was envisioned as a monument to honour the history of Gibsons’ founding industries, and as a recognisable landmark for the Town. In creating the work, local trades found common ground with the creative arts in a celebration of culture, hard work, resourcefulness, and sustainability.

“The Landing Eye” is part of the Town of Gibsons’ Public Art Path (funded by the THRIVE Small Capital Program), designed to connect upper and lower Gibsons via art installations. To produce this major piece, the Artist collaborated closely with established shipyards 101 Marine Repair and Tideline Aluminum Boats, who generously donated time and materials beyond the original funding to create this legacy artwork. 

Regarding materials and concept, the Artist explains: “We sourced reclaimed, weathered logs that escaped their booms to live adrift at sea, before being beachcombed. This rustic wood is paired with reflective and smooth aluminum, wrought by skilled welders whose work in marine design is similarly on display in the marina below. We are framing the view looking out, and providing a welcoming portal for those entering the town from the other side. On top of that, I wanted to produce something accessible and fun for the community.”

Details of the sculpture include an abstract patchwork design hand-drawn by the artist, and a large central opening which frames the spectacular view looking directly down Gibsons pier from this location. Each person visiting the site will share the same framed view, which is ever-changing as harbours and skies and towns tend to be. It simply must be seen and felt in person. The creators hope the public will interact with the sculpture and include it in their own ways of memory making.

Janine Dunn is a Gibsons-based artist, mother, and member of a produce farming family which sells to local restaurants and grocery stores (Sunnycoast Farm). True to life, her practice devises Modern Art via rustic production, usually featuring raw tactile effects created by nature itself. The Artist expresses her deepest gratitude to 101 Marine Repair, Tideline 
Aluminum Boats, The entire Mulligan Family, Fred Hunsche, Kenton, The Town of Gibsons, Silas White, Tyler Musgrove, Island Coastal Economic Trust, GPAG, Gerry Burtnack, Hanson Land and Sea, Ross Concrete, the Prevost Family, and the Dunn Family for making this project possible.