Dunn is an artist and farmer living in Gibsons, BC, who shares stories of daily life on her farm through painting. She draws on personal impressions of motherhood, animal husbandry, degradation and repair, shared labour and hospitality, and isolation and solitude. Her paintings are suffused with people, animals, plants, rural architecture, machinery and tools, making space for the work of dreams, symbols and archetypes to filter her narrative impulses. Working with industrial, agricultural and domestic materials, she collaborates with the weather and elements to develop her canvases.  


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Young Life, 2023, 67” x 65.75”/ 170cm x 167cm. Acrylic paint and soil on canvas.
Blood Sweat Tears and Grit, 2024, 65” x 58.75” / 165cm x 149cm. Acrylic paint, cement, soil, gravel, sand and sealant on canvas.
Wheelbarrow, 2021, 39.5" x 38" / 100cm x 96.5cm. Acrylic and enamel paint on canvas.
You Would’ve Loved It Here, 2024, 45” x 42” / 114cm x 107cm. Acrylic paint on fabric.
Farm Table, 2024, 31” x 24”/ 79cm x 61cm. Acrylic and oil paint and soil on linen.
Equipped, 2021, 37" x 33" / 84cm x 94cm. Acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas.
Mending the Fence, 2024, 52” x 42”/ 133.5cm x 107cm. Acrylic and oil paint and soil on canvas.
Planted in the Ground, 2024, 75” x 40.75”/ 191cm x 104cm. Acrylic and oil paint and soil on brown fabric.
Farmer At Rest, 2023, 51.5” x 77” / 156cm x 196cm. Acrylic and oil paint, soil, charcoal, chips of studio floor on canvas.
Ladder Up Top, 2024, 77” x 51.75” / 196cm x 131cm. Acrylic and oil paint and soil on canvas.
Dusty Road, 2024, 36.5” x 20.75” / 93cm x 53cm. Acrylic and oil paint, soil, charcoal on canvas.
Village I, 2020, 56.5" x 44.25" / 144cm x 112cm. Acrylic paint, chalk, and cement on cotton curtain. 
Village II, 2022, 60.5" x 40.5" / 154cm x 103cm. Acrylic paint on canvas. 
Village III, 2023, 38" x 18" / 97cm x 46cm. Acrylic paint and soil on canvas.
Village IV, 2024, 36.5" x 36.5" / 93cm x 93cm. Acrylic and enamel paint, and cement on canvas.
Village V, 2024, 36.5" x 21" / 93cm x 53cm. Acrylic paint and soil on canvas. 
Woman with Seedling, 2024, 19.5” x 15”/ 50cm x 38cm. Acrylic and oil paint, soil, charcoal on canvas.
Vine Harvest, cement, oil, and acrylic paint on canvas, 30in x 30in (76cm x 76cm), 2023 
With Seed, 2024, 34" x 26" / 86cm x 66cm. Acrylic and oil paint on linen.
Shovel, 2023, 58" x 42" / 147cm x 107cm. Acrylic paint and oil stick on canvas.
In the Field, 2024, 40" x 46" / 102cm x 117cm. Acrylic paint, soil, cement, and gravel on canvas.
Over the Course of a Day, 2024, 20.75” x 20.5”/ 53cm x 52cm. Acrylic paint pen and concrete on linen.
Only Forever, 2021, 63" x 63"    / 160cm x 160cm. Acrylic and enamel paint on patchwork canvas.
Sourdough (bowl and spoon), 2020, 54" x 26" / 137cm x 66cm. Acrylic paint, soil and charcoal on linen.
3 Angels, 2024, 36.25” x 36.5” / 92.5cm x 93cm. Acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas.
Mixing Bowl, 2020, 63" x 23" / 58cm x 160cm. Acrylic and oil paint and cement on canvas. 
Magic at the F actory, 2021, 65" x 64.5" / 164cm x 165cm. Acrylic paint, soil, and charcoal on canvas.
Entangle, 2024, 29" x 29", 74cm x 74cm. Acrylic paint, pen and concrete on linen.
Mini I, 2024, 8.25” x 7.5” / 21cm x 18.5cm. Acrylic paint, cement, soil and sealant on canvas.
Water in the Moonlight, 2024, 12.25” x 10”/ 31cm x 25.5cm. Acrylic paint, cement, soil and sealant on canvas.
Skyward, 2023, 39" x 18" / 99cm x 46cm. Acrylic paint and ink on canvas.
mf ford ranger, 2023, 46” x 40” / 117cm x 102cm. Acrylic paint, dirt and oil pastel on canvas.
5 minutes, 2024, 30.5” x 20.75”/ 77cm x 53cm. Acrylic and oil paint and soil on brown fabric.
Elegance of Gardeners, 2024, 81" x 59" / 206cm x 150cm.    Acrylic and oil paint, oil-based epoxy, soil and chips of studio floor on linen.
The Lookout, 2024, 67.25” x 67” / 171cm x 170.5cm. Acrylic and oil paint and soil on linen.
Reclining Nude with Chicken, 2024, 70" x 60" / 178cm x 152cm. Acrylic paint, soil, cement and bark mulch on canvas.
somethin' bout a truck, 2023, 23.5" x 36" / 60cm x 90cm. Acrylic paint and marker on linen.
Earth Day, 2021. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Circle, 2024, 24.75” x 24.75” / 63cm x 63cm. Acrylic paint on canvas, cedar frame.
Warrior Horse, 2020, 84" x 56" / 213cm x 142cm. Acrylic paint, cement and soil on canvas.
Caverns I, oil paint and flour on linen, 30in x 36in (76cm x 91cm), 2021. 
Beachfire, 2021, 35" x 35" / 89cm x 89cm. Bonfire ash and paint on canvas.
Farm Storm, 2021, 24" x 24" / 61cm x 61cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Body of Water, 2021, 35" x 30" x 89cm x 76.2cm. Acrylic paint and soil on canvas.
Bird Glass, paint and cement on canvas, 38in x 50in (97cm x 127cm), 2020 
Cow's Range, 2023, 48" x 53.5" / 122cm x 136cm.    Acrylic paint on patchworked canvas.
Thresher, 2024, 29" x 23.5", 74cm x 60cm. Acrylic paint on canvas.
Appreciation of Sculpture, 2021, 55" x 70" / 140cm x 178cm. Acrylic paint and soil on canvas.
Farm to Table, 2023, 81" x 59" / 206cm x 150c. Acrylic and oil paint, soil, charcoal on canvas.